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It is always wonderful when you see or hear of something - poetry, a picture, a painting, a piece of writing - that strikes a chord, touches you in some way. Connections are important, for feedback, for growth, for change. And very often, for joy. If my writing has managed to connect to you in some way (made you laugh or cry, feel sad or uplifted, empowered or...), I would love to hear from you. Do write in to me, tell me what you have loved (or not!), what you think.
One may use different tools to convey what needs to be said, but essentially my books use different genres to underline similar ideas:

  • To read the signs around us, the environment is telling us something, if we only listen
  • To embrace the extraordinary in the everyday, because joy often rests in simple places
  • To be more than one is, by attempting to become a part of something bigger than oneself
  • To listen to one's inner voice, it is the one true compass in an uncertain world
  • ... As is love
  • To appreciate all our gifts in the here and now, because like it or not, we are all connected in this vast, enchanting circle we call life.
  • As I used to tell the various and varied teams I had the privilege of being part of, and leading over the years... 'We are all in this together!' So make the most of whatever we've been given - make it count!
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